Florida statute 406, Part I.  Medical Examiners Act

Florida statute 406, Part II. Disposition of unclaimed dead bodies

Florida Administrative Code 11G

Attorney General opinion 2001-47. Autopsy records exemption

Sec. 33-602.112 Inmate death notification process

Sec. 925.09 F.S. Authority of state attorney to order autopsies

Sec. 893.0301 F.S. Death resulting from apparent drug overdose; reporting requirements

Sec. 872.06 F.S. Abuse of a dead human body

Sec. 872.05 F.S. Unmarked human burials; state archaeologist

Sec. 872.04 F.S. Autopsies; consent required; exceptions

Sec. 872.03 F.S. Cremating human bodies; 48 hour wait

Sec. 872.02 F.S. Disturbing contents of grave or tomb

Sec. 872.01 F.S. Dealing in dead bodies

Sec. 765.547 F.S. Cooperation between medical examiner and procurement organization

Sec. 765.5185 F.S. Corneal removal by medical examiners

Sec. 497.005(37) F.S. Definition of legally authorized person

Sec. 400.119 F.S. Confidentiality of nursing home records and meetings of risk mgt and QA committees

Sec. 395.3025 F.S. Hospital patient and personnel records; copies; examination

Sec. 383.3362 Sudden infant death syndrome

Sec. 382.025 F.S. Certified copies of vital records, confidentiality, research

Sec. 382.016, F.S. Vital Statistics: amendment of records

Sec. 382.012 F.S. Presumptive death certificate

Sec. 382.011 Medical examiner determination of cause of death

Sec. 382.009 Recognition of brain death under certain circumstances

Sec. 382.085 Stillbirth registration

Sec. 382.008 Death and fetal death registration

Sec. 382.006 Burial Transit Permit

Sec. 382.002 Vital Statistic Definitions

Sec. 381.004 F.S. HIV Testing

Section 316.065. State Uniform Traffic Control. Crashes, reports, penalties

Ch. 121. Florida Retirement System

Sec. 120.54 Rulemaking

Sec. 120.536 Rulemaking authority

Ch. 119, F.S. Public Records

Ch. 112, Part III, F.S. Code of ethics for public officers and employees

45 CFR 164.512 HIPAA

42 CFR 2 Confidentiality of alcohol and drug abuse therapy records

18 USC 1751 Assassination of President

18 USC 1116 Murder of Foreign Officials

18 USC 351 Assassination of Congressman, Cabinet Sec, or Sup Ct Justice

10 USC 1471 Forensic Pathology Investigations (AFIP authority to autopsy)

Attorney General opinion on pronouncement of death (1978-46)

Attorney General Opinion 1994-103, definition of attended death

Florida Administrative Code citations that threaten discipline to attending physicians who refuse to sign a death certificate: 64B8-8.001 and 64B8-8011

Midwifery statute that requires reporting maternal and infant deaths to the medical examiner

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