Medical Examiner Assistant - (Forensic Investigator), Volusia County

Medical Examiner Assistant - (Forensic Investigator)
Volusia County Medical Examiner Office

SALARY: $17.78 - $29.18 Hourly
$1,422.35 - $2,334.44 Biweekly
$36,981.15 - $60,695.44 Annually

OPENING DATE: 03/03/17

CLOSING DATE: Continuous


The County of Volusia is seeking a Medical Examiner Assistant (Forensic Investigator) for the Medical Examiner's Office. This position is located in Daytona Beach, Florida, and will be responsible for technical work gathering detailed information relative to circumstances surrounding a death. Staff assigned to this classification spend at least 65 percent of their time performing duties that involve the collection, examination, preservation, documentation, preparation, or analysis of human tissues or fluids or physical evidence having potential biological, chemical, or radiological hazard or contamination, or use chemicals, processes, or materials that may have carcinogenic or health-damaging properties in the analysis of such evidence.

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