Forensic Investigator, District 1 Medical Examiner

The District One Medical Examiner’s Office is seeking a Forensic Investigator (FI). This position includes determination of jurisdiction, death investigation/scene investigation, scene photography, evidence preservation/collection, completing the medical examiner section of death certificates, and interacting with local law enforcement. This position is responsible for gathering circumstances and facts to aid the forensic pathologist in the identification of the deceased and the determination of cause and manner of death. The FI will perform death certificate/cremation authorization request reviews, input data into the case management system, and all other duties as required or assigned. THIS POSITION WILL BE LOCATED IN SANTA ROSA, OKALOOSA or WALTON COUNTY, Florida. The selected candidate will be required to live in Okaloosa, Walton, or select portions of Santa Rosa or Bay County.
Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma and 3 years relevant experience.
Preferred Qualifications: Associate Degree with 2 years relevant experience or a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant major.

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Associate Medical Examiner, District 18

Brevard County, Florida is located halfway between Jacksonville and Miami. The County extends 72 miles from north to south and averages 26.5 miles wide on the Florida east coast along the Atlantic Ocean. Brevard County is home to approximately 600,000 residents, making it the tenth (10th) largest county in Florida. The County has a total area of 1,557 square miles, with 1,016 square miles of which is land and 541 square miles is water. Brevard County is comprised of the Palm Bay–Melbourne– Titusville, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. Influenced by the presence of the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Brevard County is also known as the Space Coast.
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Brevard County is seeking TWO Associate Medical Examiners to perform the forensic functions of the Medical Examiner’s Office providing proper investigations of deaths and determining accurate cause and manner of death, which includes evaluation of current and anticipated inquiries for the County. The Medical Examiner’s Office operates with a staff of eleven in District 18. This office handles approximately 1,000 cases annually.

EXAMPLE OF DUTIES: (Note: The listed duties are illustrative only and are not intended to describe each and every function that may be performed. The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed here if such duties are logical assignments to the

  • Performs autopsies and physical examinations for all types of death occurring with the district as prescribed by Florida Statute 406.11 and rules of the Medical Examiner Commission.
  • Prepares clear, concise narrative description of autopsy findings.
  • Provides expert witness capabilities for all forensic criminal and civil actions associated with cases investigated and any other forensic needs within the County.
  • Rotates on-call scene response duties with other staff as required.
  • Develops and promotes cooperation with all elements of the criminal justice system as requested or necessary at the time of scene investigation, autopsy and post autopsy conferences and in anticipation of future inquiries and evaluations.
  • Follows established policies and operational procedures for handling potentially infectious and lethal autopsy gases, hazardous chemicals and equipment to assure optimal protection of personnel.
  • Provides family conferences in person and by telephone to family members of the deceased to increase the level of understanding of causes of death, manner of death and physiologic and psychological mechanisms involved.
  • Provides educational and informational opportunities through talks and lectures to law enforcement, medical and paramedical groups and other criminal justice and related agencies.
  • Promotes a spirit of teamwork to maintain good communication between all members of the Medical Examiner’s Office.

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Forensic Investigator, District 14 Medical Examiner

The District 14 Medical Examiner’s office is looking for a full-time forensic investigator. This job is for a responsible individual looking for interesting and essential employment in a pleasant and professional small office. Previous experience is preferred but not required. An associate’s degree is required for application; however, a bachelor’s degree is preferred.

District 14 is in Florida’s Panhandle and includes the counties of Bay, Gulf, Calhoun, Washington, Jackson, and Holmes. The area is known for beautiful beaches, great fishing, and southern charm. The Medical Examiner’s Office is located in Panama City in the southern part of the district.

Job duties include scene investigation, death/cremation investigation, records searches, over-night calls on a rotating basis, and communicating with tissue services, families, and funeral homes.

Starting salary: Range from $33,000- 36,000 annually and will depend on the level of experience.
This is a full-time position with benefits, which include: health insurance, training conferences, tuition reimbursement, 401k retirement plan, and paid holidays. The District 14 Medical Examiner’s office is contracted and employees are not eligible for any county or state employee benefits.

Applications accepted until filled.
If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to:
Whit Majors
Director of Operations
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Associate Medical Examiner, Miami Dade

Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Department

Salary: Entry $132,577 – Max $245,793

NATURE OF WORK: This is highly responsible executive level work in complex scientific operations of the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department. An employee in this class is responsible for Medical Examiner Departmental activities and operations in forensic pathology in accordance with local state and federal statutes and regulations. Responsibilities include performing work of staff pathologists; scene investigations; collecting, documenting, preserving and analyzing forensic evidence; preparing autopsy protocols and microscopic reports; planning, coordinating and performing medical research; resolving forensic problems and medical examiner cases; teaching in the Forensic Pathology Fellowship Training Program. The incumbent exercises extensive independent judgment and professional knowledge of medicine and forensic pathology in conducting County medical examiner activities in compliance with established regulations.

ILLUSTRATIVE TASKS: Performs work of staff pathologist; conducts scene investigations; collects, documents, preserves and analyses forensic evidence; prepares autopsy protocols and microscopic reports; conducts and/or attends various daily and weekly in-house scientific conferences. Teaches and supervises forensic pathology fellows, pathology residents and visiting medical students. Maintains communications with other County agencies, State Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, U.S. Attorney’s Office, law enforcement agencies and the general public. Testifies as an expert witness in criminal and civil proceedings. Performs related work as required.

KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES AND SKILLS: Extensive knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of medicine, and anatomic, clinical and forensic pathology. Extensive knowledge of the mission, goals and objectives of the department in providing forensic pathology services for the citizens of Miami-Dade County and various law enforcement, health and other agencies. Extensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, police science, police investigations, and legal requirements related to medical examiner operations. Thorough knowledge of local, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to medical examiner activities. Thorough knowledge of the complex medical examiner operations and activities. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing, to groups and individuals. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with law enforcement, attorneys, health agencies, and other employees of the Medical Examiner Department. Ability to exercise judgment and discretion in interpreting departmental policies, rules and regulations.

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