Deputy Chief City Medical Examiner, New York City


Civil Service Title: Deputy Chief City Medical Examiner Level: M-VII
Title Code No: 95451 Salary: $224,749
Work Location: Citywide
Division/Work Unit: Forensic Pathology
Number of Positions: 1
Hours/Shift: 35 hours per week; including holidays, and weekends

The Office of Chief Medical Examiner investigates cases of persons who die within New York City from criminal violence, by accident, by suicide, suddenly when in apparent health, when unattended by a physician, in a correctional facility or in any suspicious or unusual manner or where an application is made pursuant to law for a permit to cremate a body of a person and provides for the proper disposition of unclaimed bodies.

We exist to provide answers in support of families, victims, and community during a time of profound need.


The core values of the OCME are to put the mission of the agency first, to be truly dedicated and to have integrity in every aspect of our professional life. Under executive direction, with wide latitude for the exercise of independent initiative and judgment, the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner will be in charge of and responsible for confidential medico-legal investigations of violent, suspicious, sudden and unexpected deaths throughout the borough offices. Within the framework established by law, s/he will develop policies and translate central office policies and directives into operating procedures and methods to be used by medical examiners. Duties include but are not limited to:

Under the executive direction of the Chief City Medical Examiner, the selected candidates will serve as the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner with day-to-day responsibility for the direction of various City-wide aspects of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner and its staff.
Will perform autopsies and supervise the performance of autopsies, histological and pathological examinations to determine the cause of death including collecting tissue samples for examination.
Will be responsible for post-mortem microscopic and macroscopic, chemical, serologic and bacteriological examinations including determining the competence of forensic pathological determinations.
Will supervise the establishment and maintenance of a records and reporting system.
Will advise District Attorneys, testify as an expert before grand juries, courts and other legal authorities as an official of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner
Will supervise investigations at the scenes of crimes or violent deaths as requested by the NYPD.
Will perform autopsies and other examinations in extraordinarily complex and unusual cases, review hospital records and family history and ask further investigation as needed. Will meet with family members and emergency responders and other affected entities as necessary to aid in the determination of the cause of death.
Will perform case triage, assign autopsies, train, and supervise subordinate City Medical Examiners in the performance of autopsies and the completion of death certificates.
Will participate in lectures and teaching, and will perform gross demonstrations to students.
Other duties as assigned.

The selected candidate will be required to provide a DNA sample by swabbing.
This position has been identified as “essential.” During ALL weather and emergency events, “essential” positions may require 24-hour availability.


A license to practice medicine valid in the State of New York; and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology in anatomic or forensic pathology; and four years of full-time experience in forensic pathology in the Office of Chief Medical Examiner or in a comparable agency, at least one year of which must have been in a supervisory or administrative capacity; and evidence of having performed at least 500 autopsies.